In 2022 the global gravity chute conveyor market reached a value of $5.42 billion.

Gravity chutes are used in a range of industries for transporting goods and streamlining processes. Any company that handles materials can make use of the significant benefits of gravity chutes.

What Are Gravity Chutes?

A gravity chute is a conveyor system with an inclined plane. Goods are transported using the force of gravity, sliding down this plane to their destination. The angle of the slope and the friction determine the speed when lowering a product.

There's a range of gravity chutes available which meet various needs.

High-Speed Sort Chutes

These are ideal for the effortless transportation of goods and can work with items that vary in terms of size and shape. They're stable, quick, and versatile, making them suitable for fast-paced environments that handle different types of goods.

Spiral Chutes

Spiral chutes are designed to be safe and economical. They're best for lowering products from high elevations (such as a mezzanine) while maintaining a slower speed.

Straight Chutes

Straight chutes help maintain smooth operations within a system. They keep items moving freely and are available in various configurations such as dished chutes, through chutes, and flat bottom chutes.

Mis-Sort Chutes

These may be needed for systems that handle varying products. Mis-sort chutes can be used to reorganize items that have been sorted incorrectly, allowing you to keep things in order. This helps to prevent operational issues.

While these chutes all serve a similar purpose, they vary in their primary use. Your business operations will determine the type you need. However, they all offer similar advantages.

Our Gravity Chutes

The Benefits of Gravity Chutes

For material handling, gravity chutes are one of the most useful solutions available. They provide a range of benefits that could be ideal for your business.

Efficient Product Movement

Gravity chutes are very effective, and they're also incredibly easy to use. They require almost no employee training, and they're quick and easy to set up. You can start using your gravity chute as soon as it's installed, helping you maintain high productivity.

Safe for Products

Depending on the materials you're handling, gravity may not sound like the best thing to use for transportation. We can configure your gravity chute to ensure products move at the speed you want them to. If you have fragile goods, a slower speed can ensure they're not damaged during the process.

Little Floor Space Usage

Gravity chutes generally don't need to take up any more space than their profile. They're typically comprised of static parts, meaning there's no need for a power source such as a motor. This is even more noticeable with spiral chutes, as you can have yours as tall as is necessary without the height affecting how much floor space is used.

In manufacturing and material handling environments, every inch of space is crucial. Being able to save space with a gravity chute is ideal.

Easy to Maintain

Our stainless steel chutes have a range of ideal characteristics. They're non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, lightweight, cause little friction, and are available in modular design. We use 12 gauge (300 series) stainless steel for strength and durability and can provide both weld-up and bolt-up systems.

We also provide UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) chutes, which have many of the same benefits. They're easy to configure and install and have a modular design that can be altered and expanded with ease.

Clean and Sanitary

Another factor you may need to consider is sanitation - especially if you're handling food/drink. Both stainless steel and UHMW are incredibly easy to keep clean. Many commercial kitchens use stainless steel surfaces as it's one of the most sanitary material options available.

Cost Saving

Due to the lack of mechanical parts, gravity chutes are very cost-effective for fabrication. Installation is also quick and easy, so you won't be looking at significant labor costs.

Our Gravity Chutes

Stock MHS Gravity Chutes

At Stock MHS, we strive to produce the best material handling solutions available. We follow all industry standards and have worked with a range of private and public companies across the US.

All businesses are different, which means there's no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to gravity chutes. Because of this, we design every chute specifically for each application. We can adjust the length, height, configuration, slope, and more to ensure your gravity chute is perfectly suited to the operations of your business.

Our spiral gravity chutes are among the most popular. This is usually the best solution if you want to save on space. We can adjust the movement speed, volume moving, and vertical drop with ease. There are also additional features available if needed, such as slide gates, holding areas, and exit chutes.

Our Gravity Chutes

Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

Gravity chutes can prove incredibly useful within a material handling environment. They provide an effective way to move goods around a processing area with ease. With how easy they are to install and use, and the various other benefits they offer, you should consider implementing a gravity chute system within your business.

At Stock MHS, we offer a range of gravity chute solutions. We can custom-build chutes from stainless steel or UHMW to meet your exact needs. To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us today.