Gravity Chutes

High Speed Sort Chutes


High-Speed Sort Chutes - High-Speed Sort Chutes by Stock MHS help to sort and transport packages and goods effortlessly, regardless of the size or shape of the item. The benefits include stable and high-speed sorting based on direction, stores, and other factors.

Spiral Chute 

Spiral Chutes - Spiral chutes by Stock MHS offer a safe, effective, and economical way to lower items from conveyors overhead or elevated mezzanines or platforms. They are ideal for lowering pieces from higher elevations.

Straight Chutes

Straight Chutes - Straight chutes by Stock MHS help to keep material handling processes running smoothly. Straight chutes utilize the force of gravity to keep items moving freely. Straight chutes are available in multiple configurations, including trough chutes, flat bottom chutes, and dished chutes

Trough Chute

Dished Chute

Flat Bottom Chute

Mis-Sort Chutes

Mis-Sort Chutes - Missort chutes by Stock MHS help streamline operations by routing missorted items and realigning them with proper logistics.

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