Non-Ferrous Chutes

Non-Ferrous Chutes

Stock MHS is a leading national provider of Non-Ferrous Chutes.  We offer UHMW Non-Ferrous Chute Systems, as well as, Stainless Steel Non-Ferrous Chute Systems.

Non-Ferrous Chute Systems by Stock MHS offer certain advantages over your traditional Ferrous Chutes.  Non-Ferrous Metal Chute Systems are non-magnetic and cause less friction when items or packages are getting routed through manufacturing, shipping, and receiving processes.  These systems are corrosion resistant, light weight, and modular in design.  

Self-starting at 15 degrees less than steel chutes, nonferrous chutes are the ideal solution for multiple applications.

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The Stock MHS UHMW Chute is an innovative patent-pending Non-Ferrous design that offers many benefits beyond traditional chutes. 

Features Include:

  • Modular & Expandable Design
  • Easy to Configure, Install, & Maintain
  • Package Speed Control
  • Re-Usable
  • Optional Handrail
  • Spill-Over Protection
  • Multiple Entries
  • Non-Magnetic UHMW Material
  • Rigid/Durable Construction
  • No Welding
  • Anti-Static 

Stainless Steel

The Stock MHS Stainless Steel Chute is a Non-Ferrous alternative to the UHMW using a non-magnetic 12 gauge (300 series) stainless steel rigid construction.  These can be ordered in both bolt-up or weld-up applications.

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