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Stock MHS

Fabricating the Future

As a subsidiary of Stock Manufacturing & Design, Stock MHS builds and develops products for the material handling industry.


Custom Conveyor Systems built to your specifications.


Custom Chutes designed to move your products efficiently.

Slider Beds

Conveyor Housing, straight or curved runs at little or no incline/decline.

Ball Transfers

Transfers to allow your products to flow in any direction according to your needs.

Caster Decks

Caster decks designed to meet your weight and any non-standard sizing requirements you might have.


We offer in-house design – final assembly can be welded or bolted for installation


Success Through Service

We understand the value & importance of service in our industry and our goal is to build lasting partnerships through servicing our customer’s needs.


Value Added Approach

With our Value Added Approach, we go beyond standard expectations and provide something “more” while adding nothing to the cost.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement causes us to think about upstream process; not downstream damage control.

We focus primarily on high volume sorting facilities.

Our mission is to build trusted partnerships by providing quality and values through our experienced manufacturing processes and continuous improvement.

We pride ourselves on our core values of:





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